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Debt Help


Credit cards, groceries, car payments, taxes, mortgage payments, student loans… When the bills seem to keep growing, along with anxiety and stress about your financial situation, it may be time to seek financial help from a professional such as a credit counsellor, debt consultant or trustee in bankruptcy.

“I’m so confused. Who do I choose to help me with debt?”

Many professionals can provide advice about options to deal with your debt but we know there are a lot of companies and organizations to choose from. It can be confusing to know what the best debt solution is.

Information to help answer the question “who can help me with debt?”

Before taking any action, it is important to be informed about the different options available to deal with debt or you could end up deeper in financial trouble. Many companies make claims about quick fixes and ‘cures’ for getting out of debt, but when it comes to getting real help, the truth can be hard to find. If you find yourself wondering “who can I trust to help me with debt?” we encourage you to explore our information on the different debt solutions available in Canada. Only you can decide what debt solution is right for you. At BDO Peterborough, we always review with you all of the available options and outline the pros and cons of each solution.

Seek advice early about who can help you with debt

Many people are hesitant to seek advice because they worry about what they may be told. However, our best advice is to seek help at the first signs of financial trouble. By asking questions early, you can keep your debt solution options open. We believe that being informed is the first step to decide how to solve the problem and to take control of debt.

BDO has been helping Canadians resolve their money problems for over 50 years. In fact, more people choose BDO Peterborough for advice about debt solutions than any other firm in Canada. Our professionals will meet with you to review your financial situation and discuss your options with no obligations. Contact BDO Peterborough today.